Not Tucked In

The moment you hear the words “botched” and “surgery” in the same sentence, you can’t help but shudder. We all would like to be able to put all of our faith into the medical industry, but unfortunately, as we all know, the human body is unpredictable and not everyone in the industry is trustworthy or competent. And oddly, the one area of surgery that seems to most frequently have problems, is the area that the world can see…cosmetic surgery. Rhinoplasty, facelifts, even liposuction all have their risks, and something as simple as a tummy tuck is no exception. There are multiple complications from tummy tuck. Here are a few scary examples where things didn’t go according to plan.

That’s Tucked Up
Sadly, when things go wrong in medicine, some end up paying the ultimate price. A young Bronx woman traveled to the Dominican Republic for her procedure back in 2014. The 29 year-old mother died during her operation of a pulmonary embolism. Her family took legal action on the clinic performing the procedure.

No Man’s (Or Surgeon’s) Land
On occasion, some jobs are done so badly, that other surgeons won’t even dare risk working on, out of fear of making things worse. Correcting botched tucks tends to be more expensive and even riskier than the first surgery due to complications with scar tissue and infection. One British woman traveled overseas to get the procedure done cheap, and she ended up with a highly deformed abdomen that other surgeons wouldn’t touch with a 10 foot pole. The belly button made during the surgery was described as a “stab wound” and was made so badly that it had made a personal hobby out of getting infected.

Fun Fact: Apparently the removal of one’s belly button during a tummy tuck is not uncommon. Not-So-Fun Fact: It is possible for the area where it used to be, become infected and actually rupture nearly a year later. One poor woman found this out a few years back. She felt fine for an entire year but then an infection occurred that doctors thought had successfully treated with antibiotics. Not long later, while traveling by plane the area ruptured and began leaking bad-smelling liquid. Ends up, her belly button, which was supposed to be removed during that original procedure, was left inside her and caused the infection as it decayed.