A slip and fall accident is when a person slips, falls or trips due to dangerous conditions at another individual’s property either outdoors or indoors.

Outdoor causes could be ice, snow or water. Indoor causes could be wet floors, bad lighting, gaps or holes in the ground that are not easily visible. All of these contributed to the person’s fall and could have been prevented if the owner took proper responsibility for them.

It can be difficult to prove someone else is responsible legally for your injuries if you are ever involved in a slip and fall matter. It all depends finding out just how the owner acted and also how you acted relative to the thing that caused you to fall.


The courts would have to see somehow that the person who owns the property was fully aware there was a hazardous situation but did not do anything about it. The court wants to see that they either made the situation themselves or they should have been aware it was there but did not fix it.

A person who was injured on another person’s property must prove that the owner did not fix things even if they did not create it. In the legal sense, a dangerous or hazardous condition poses unreasonable risks to a person at the property. The injured person also has to show that there was no way to have known about or anticipated the hazards.

Have you been hurt in a slip and fall accident? If you have, you might be able to collect compensation for the damages. Every case is different, but the basic way in which a lawyer will handle a case follows precise legal rules. If you have to file a lawsuit, you need to be ready to show evidence from the place where the accident happened. Never talk about the accident after it happens unless you are stating facts. This could hurt a potential case.

These types of accidents are common. They happen everywhere. If you have been injured in one and you are certain the owner of the property meets the requirements for being negligent, consult with an attorney. Most attorneys will provide slip and fall victims with a free consultation. Even if the party who is responsible offered to make you a settlement, meet with a slip and fall attorney to determine your next steps.